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MILLIONS of products to choose from. SHOPPERS with hundreds of millions of SEARCH QUERIES. Amazon product listing optimization is more a work of art than pure science. Learn how to get 1st-page results for AMAZON SEARCH ENGINE.


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Want to know how Amazon decides — within a few milliseconds — which one of the hundreds of millions of products it should rank first? Explore the intricacies of Amazon A9 Algorithm and learn what it takes to get your products ranked on the First Page of Amazon. Amazon Marketing Hub helps you take advantage of one of the most exclusive elements Amazon uses for its ranking, i.e., PURCHASE LIKELIHOOD! Get in touch to explore Amazon SEO now!

Amazon SEO standards are always changing – with new algorithms, updates, and guidelines seeming to evolve every day.

Crispy Sales Copy

With over 60% of all Amazon customers scrolling down to read your Amazon product description, your product will sell itself with appropriately written crisp content. The right keyword plays a role in amazon product title optimization – placing your product right in front of your customers!

Optimized With Keywords

There is one and only one key to Discoverability on Amazon, and that is Keyword Research. We will incorporate the keywords strategically to appeal your customers’ wants and desires, questions, and concerns by conveying your USP as well as the lifestyle that your product will offer.

Titles And Bullet Points

We increase the purchase likelihood of your products by allowing customers to quickly and easily read the information necessary to help them make a purchasing decision. We know how to convert your product features into user-benefits and how to optimize your product listings for ‘Buyability.’

“We’ve generated the highest number of demo requests of all time. It was a 20-30% increase.”

Tyler Riddel
VP of Marketing

There Are No Silver Bullets With Amazon Listings Optimization.

We equip you with the right tools, information, strategies, and the best practices.

We help you to craft the ideal amazon product listing, form an effective launch strategy, evaluate the listings and continue to make improvements over time to enhance your product's Discoverability and Buyability.

“Finding it hard to abide by Amazon’s policies and protocols as described in the Category Style Guides regarding your listings? Let Amazon Marketing Hub formulate expert Amazon listings for you keeping the best practices, policies and Do’s and Don’ts in view.”

Amazon’s algorithm rewards and boosts listings that best serve shopper needs!

Selling on Amazon requires a solid understanding of the platform, keen attention to detail, and willingness to adapt to the evolution of Amazon. With a great product listing and a little elbow grease, you can push your listing on the path to become a top-ranking product or even a #1 Best-Selling product on Amazon.

“We know how to make an impact with listing optimization – how to follow it up with an effective launch strategy – drive driving internal traffic using Amazon campaigns as well as driving external traffic.”

AMZ Marketing Expert knows that competition is key, and we always want to be one step ahead of it!

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  • RK

    SEO services from Amazon Marketing Hub really worked wonder for our online store!

    Amazon Marketing Hub SEO Services gave us a glimpse into what our customers want, which is huge for driving sales. They are a perfect platform to help you figure out what longtail phrases to feature in your ad campaigns, guaranteeing that you are getting your products in front of the right customers.

    - - Ryan Kortan
  • DL

    I'm happy to say that Amazon Marketing Hub has played a major role...

    I do believe that Amazon Marketing Hub enables an easy way to have your products ranked on the Amazon Search Engine. Amazon Search Engine is very different from conventional search engines, and these guys know what they are doing! My business has grown larger every day since I opted for their services!

    Darren Leigh - AEGIS Management