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Your dream to be a renowned author is now closer than ever; it's time that you get your book published so that its read by the masses! Now you would not have to run from publisher to publisher to get your writing published, Amazon Book Publishing makes things a lot easier.


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How Does Amazon Book Publishing work?

It's your gateway to faster publishing and brisk recognition amongst the audience! Amazon Book Publishing is a service introduced by Amazon to help authors increase the possibility of getting their books to the readers within a span of 24 – 48 hours. Amazon Book Publishing is another name for the free eBooks and paperbacks services by Kindle Direct Publishing.

Self-book publishing Amazon –
An Easier way to become a recognized author

Greater Earning Potential

Royalties across the globe are nearly 70% on the sales, so when a copy of your book published by Amazon, you unlock the enormous potential to earn.

Rights and Changes

Pricing for your book is a right that amazon provides you, so you are the one who decides the list price for your book. What makes Amazon Book Publishing a more lucrative service than other traditional publishing options is its "editing any time" policy – this allows you to change the content of your book anytime.

Versatile Print Options

eBooks and paperbacks, same book two different audience preferences, one who would go for softcopy of your marvelous writing, and the later one loved by the orthodox book lovers.

It's now easier than ever, not just publishing but recognition too! What makes it easier is its open accessibility for anyone, amazon self-publishing cost are nothing at all, this free eBook and paperback publishing opportunity for aspiring writers. They are forced to keep their art and hidden due to a lack of sponsorships

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The service was first introduced in the year 2007, since then it has gradually expanded. However, the number of authors has increased lately, causing it to become a very competitive platform. Not knowing how to exploit its real potential could cause you to make wrong choices that would later stop you from making the rightful profits for your talent Amazon Marketing Hub unravels itself as your support for Amazon book publishing.

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