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Amazon Marketing Hub is passionate about helping authors, experts, and publishers boost visibility for their work and platform marketing and advertising. We also offer consultation services to get you all set for media attention. Our experts have a game-changing approach to Amazon SEO, marketing, sales, and advertising.


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Amazon is a dominant player; we understand you're excited about that opportunity. But competition is intense. You’re spending countless bucks on ads, but ACOS is just too high: trial and error are becoming risky and expensive, and your stress levels are rising. What’s wrong? How are you going to make a benchmark? At Amazon Marketing Hub, we understand how hard you’ve worked in writing your book and getting it to this point. You deserve to see your book thrive and make big bucks. That’s why we provide the comprehensive, expert guidance and marketing you need to grow.

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Let's Stop thinking and start taking action. Hire experts at Amazon Book Marketing for your book promotion on Amazon. Already published your book on Amazon but can’t reach the desired sales? You need to understand that the Amazon search engine works differently than the Google search engine. Our marketing experts have got some practical marketing plans to accomplish your goals! Sign up today and use exceptional marketing methods to attract more customers. Get ready to reach optimum sales and watch your book turn into a bestseller.


Our expert marketers will develop marketing strategies for your book. After in-depth research on the subject of your book, we will determine the core demographics. Lastly, your book will be marketed to target that specific audience.


With Amazon SEO, we will design and optimize best-in-class listings to maximize discoverability and enhance customer conversion.


Our expert marketers know very well how to devise the perfect book launch. We will come up with ideas to help market your book by building public relations. Our marketers will not settle down even after your book is on the market. For them, this is a critical point in determining the success of your book, and they will come up with more promotional plans until your book becomes a bestseller

It's now easier than ever, not just publishing but recognition too! What makes it easier is its open accessibility for anyone, amazon self-publishing cost are nothing at all, this free eBook and paperback publishing opportunity for aspiring writers. They are forced to keep their art and hidden due to a lack of sponsorships

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Willing to generate Amazon leads, re-qualify them and fill the sales pipeline? Amazon Marketing Hub will show you how Amazon marketing can generate leads for your sales success.

Be it Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, or any other services, we got you covered. Our experts are here to make sure your published book in any format receives the highest customer interest. Our tech-savvy Amazon marketers are always heading to gain significant attention from the targeted audience. Amazon Marketing Hub provides a secret strategy related to book marketing for self-published authors.

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